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- A dynamic Agenda for AGORA

 The IFIP Agora initiative

The IFIP Agora initiative is part of a process of revitalisation of the strategy of the International Federation for Information Processing ([www.ifip.org->www.ifip.org]). Taking into consideration the evolution of IFIP’s work since 1960 there is a growing need of collaboration with partners (international bodies and institutions, industry and business, key decision makers, member societies). As we start moving from an informatics society to an information or knowledge society we see transversal themes emerging, that are not just technology based. Examples are the themes of Lifelong learning, Security and Trust, Ethics and Citizen Education that have been discussed at the Summit on the Information Society, both in Geneva and Tunis. The Agora initiative aims to implement a dynamic methodology for initiating cooperation projects on Lifelong Learning with stakeholders such as UNESCO, UNITAR, the Digital Solidarity Fund and other IFIP Technical committees. The methodology takes into account that there is not one solution to Lifelong Learning and also that a lot of preliminary work still has to be done on issues such as reference competencies for LLL, e-portfolio and competency recognition, before effective implementation of LLL can be made a reality. Agora planning meetings provide a forum for:

Sharing knowledge,

Facilitating networking of stakeholders and developing synergy,

Outlining cooperative projects to address the issues in the framework of main international programmes,

Defining a work process for continued planning and cooperation.

Life Long Learning: A core issue in the knowledge society The importance of the concept of lifelong learning is illustrated by initiatives such as « Jean Monnet » of the European Union where an integrated approach is aimed at creativity, competitiveness, employability, personal fulfilment, social inclusion, etc. As ICT is a lifelong learning enabler, issues such as the ‘Digital Divide’ (Digital Solidarity Fund) and Open Source resources and education (UNITAR) are related.

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