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 Invitation to ASLL : Ateliers and studios for Lifelong Learning in a Knowledge Society

The 4th IFIP AGORA Seminar in Krakow, Poland.

IFIP (the International Federation for Information Processing) and its Technical Committee for Education (TC3) have launched the AGORA Approach, an important initiative about Lifelong Learning. The AGORA Approach is now an IFIP project.

More information about AGORA are attached in the same section with two documents: * AgoraHistory.doc * AgoraProducts.doc

The AGORA Initiative takes into consideration the growing place of Lifelong Learning as an essential theme in the information or knowledge society, and the growing need of collaboration between partners and stakeholders. The AGORA initiative aims to implement a dynamic methodology for initiating cooperation projects on Lifelong Learning with stakeholders, international bodies and networks, ICT industry and private sector, governmental policy- and decision-makers, actors of educational systems, ICT national societies, IFIP Technical committees, etc. The AGORA IFIP Initiative for Lifelong Learning aims, on an annual basis, at promoting synergy between different kinds of actors, gathering updated priorities of each partner, adjusting the problematic all along the evolution of main international programmes, facilitating the networking of partners, taking into account the emerging needs in Lifelong Learning in the Information Society, promoting new projects, acting as a catalyst for the IFIP community, following the New Strategy of IFIP.

Several project proposals are already launched: The “digital divide studio”, the “cyber-teacher studio”, “Management and administration of Lifelong Learning”, etc.

It is my pleasure to invite you to participate in the AGORA Seminar, to be held in Krakow, Poland, on 4-6 May 2008. A draft program is attached. This seminar will be an opportunity for enriching the reflection about Lifelong Learning in a Knowledge Society. Keynote presentations will present the major trends in Lifelong Learning, and concrete workshops will make the participants go further into some “studio projects”. Some co-operation will be established with the European Project “e-Start”.

For further information: Programme and and proposing contributions:
-  Programme Committee Chair: Prof. Bernard Cornu, France (bernard.cornu@cned.fr); Registration, accommodation, etc.:
-  Organizing Committee Chair: Prof. Barbara Kedzierska, Poland (bkedzierska@gmail.com) Comments or questions may also be sent to: IFIP TC3 Chair: Prof. Jan Wibe, Norway (jan.wibe@plu.ntnu.no).

Sincerely yours,

Prof. Jan Wibe IFIP TC3 Chairman

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