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 A very good news : on 11th of September 2008 ANDIL project was accepted by Unesco !

IFIP AGORA Initiative Project Proposal


ANDIL: AGORA Network against Digital Divide by means of Information Literacy

Summary The project ANDIL is part of the AGORA Initiative for Life Long Learning and focuses on the further implementation and sustainable development of its Digital Divide ‘Studio - Atelier’ concept. ANDIL aims at scaffolding a social network of local implementations of ICT-related projects especially in developing countries which connects experts, professionals and practi-tioners of different areas of ICT-application in order to learn from best practice examples in different regions. By exchanging experiences and obeying lessons learnt with regard to the different context specific local implementations of Information Literacy projects (Studios) an evaluated generic concept for Information Literacy and sustainable ICT integration in differ-ent application areas will be developed (Atelier). This acquired knowledge can be used to implant new subject related regional projects. Thereby, ANDIL contributes to Information Lit-eracy in different application areas in developing countries and to the decrease of digital di-vide between developing and industrialized countries.

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